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ARM-II-200(ZM_SW) This terminal provides services such as tax declaration by transmission disc, invoice authentication and tax-related queries for taxpayers.

Product Overview:

Touch screen

Through the touch screen, the taxpayer can select the menu, locate the input boxes, select the drop-down menu options, confirm or cancel transactions, turn to the previous/next page, touch other function keys, etc.

Safe USB interface

Available for insertion of FCR transmission disc and taximeter transmission disc to perform FCR transmission disk tax, and taximeter transmission disk tax business; it is also connects to USB for downloading of taxation data.

Tax card reader

The reader identifies the taxpayer's information automatically when the taxpayer places the tax service card in the identification induction zone to authenticate the taxpayer's identity.

Tax return print port

Tax voucher print port

Receipt print port


Incorporating all the functions of typical mouse, the cursor can be selected and moved by rolling the trackball. Clicking can be carried out by pressing the left and right button in the front of trackball, just like clicking the left and right button of mouse.

Bar code reader

Support reading of all standard one- and two-dimensional bar codes


Numeric keys (0-9): used to enter numerical information such as password, payment amount and assessment;

Decimal point: used to enter a decimal point;

OK: akin to the Enter key; used to confirm an entry or function;

CLEAR: used to delete the selection or delete one input character after another;

CANCEL: used to cancel the information entered.



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